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Empowering Women with PCOS: Comprehensive Care at Klinik Casabrina

Do you experience irregular periods, unwanted hair growth, or acne? You may be one of the many women affected by Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). At Klinik Casabrina women’s clinic, our team of understanding and experienced healthcare providers is dedicated to helping you manage your PCOS effectively.

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What is PCOS?

PCOS is a hormonal imbalance that affects millions of women worldwide. It gets its name, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, from the many small cysts that can sometimes form in the ovaries. But it’s important to know that not everyone with PCOS has cysts, and some women without PCOS can get them too.

Women with PCOS have an excess of androgens, hormones typically present in men at higher levels which disrupts their female hormones. It is considered a chronic endocrine disorder, meaning it’s a long-term condition that can’t be completely eliminated.

Our PCOS Care Approach

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We'll discuss your symptoms and medical history, and may perform a pelvic exam and blood tests to confirm a PCOS diagnosis.

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After a confirmed diagnosis, you may also consider getting an ultrasound to see if there’s any cysts in the ovary.

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There's no one-size-fits-all approach to PCOS management. We'll develop a plan that addresses your specific needs and goals.

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Consistent Care

Since PCOS is a chronic condition, our treatment plans are designed for the long term and effective management of symptoms.

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PCOS Treatment Options

At Klinik Casabrina, we offer compassionate care for women with PCOS, speaking about your experience and finding the best way to relieve symptoms. 

Treatment plans can include:

  • Lifestyle modifications: Diet and exercise play a crucial role in managing PCOS symptoms. We can help you create a healthy eating plan and exercise routine you can stick with.
  • Medication: We may recommend medications to regulate your menstrual cycle, improve ovulation, and manage acne or excess hair growth.
  • Fertility Management: If you’re considering pregnancy, we can discuss fertility treatment options to help you achieve your family planning goals.
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Our Happy Customers Reviews

Good services provided by the staff and doctor Shabrina. The first time I came as a patient, but I've been to this clinic 3 times, bringing other people who were sick. Thanks doc for the advice and consultation.
Ellne AteaEllne Atea
03:09 03 Mar 24
Jannanee NaiduJannanee Naidu
02:31 03 Mar 24
Adnan YahoAdnan Yaho
11:07 02 Mar 24
the best service like anywhere else...try it guys
yuliani osmanyuliani osman
10:43 02 Mar 24
Friendly staff.. The ambiance is also very attractive
nea sayangnea sayang
05:07 17 Feb 24
im a single mother and to be mommy soon , its so nice to have such an understanding doctor and very professional they respect your situation and very kind :)) the clinic very comfy and so private you can feel you just made a check up at home 🥹❤️
Muzdalifah Mustafa -Muzdalifah Mustafa -
10:30 27 Dec 23
Cozy clinik, friendly asisstant and nice doctor.. toilet very clean!!!
Bella AzmiBella Azmi
07:28 26 Dec 23
I been here for ovarian cyst problem, lead and advice by great Dr Sabrina. Love the condition of the clinic and helpful staff. Recommend!!
fara rahimfara rahim
06:28 08 Dec 23
Great service, even my first time here. Suggested by a friend. Very cosy, clean and spacious clinic. Thank you for your asistant. Doc & staff very friendly. Cannot wait for next appointment 😊
Cap HafizCap Hafiz
01:58 18 Sep 23
Thank you, Dr. Shabrina and team. I had a great experience here. The price is very affordable for a great consultation and a referral letter.She is very attentive and checked my eyes thoroughly, and I feel so satisfied with her explanation regarding my eye condition. The clinic is spacious, clean, and not crowded either. Overall, excellent and pleasant experience. 👍🏻
Adnan AbbasAdnan Abbas
12:10 25 Aug 23
At first, I really wanted to go to this clinic because I was new..but then I tried to walk in..just entered the clinic..it was really comfortable..and it didn't look crowded..simple and just nice..and when I brought my wife in for a scan pregnant..the system looks sophisticated..the doctor and staff are friendly..xsmong..highly recommend this clinic..
Nur Farah NabilahNur Farah Nabilah
10:47 04 Aug 23
very comfortable clinic. the explanation from the doctor was also very detailed when going for a scan. the doc is also very friendly and makes us comfortable & explains very detailed, especially for first moms who don't have much knowledge 😍 btw really recommended + affordable price !!!
Zulaikha Anis FadilZulaikha Anis Fadil
08:52 02 Jul 23
Gonna be my fav clinic! Really recommended, family friendly. There is a reading room, play room, doctor Sabrina & Shira's staff are also friendly. Explanation Dr is very clear. Hopefully my baby Hannah Dahlia will be given good health and recovery ❤️
Dila BorhanDila Borhan
08:52 28 Jun 23
Alhamdulillah happy business and Dr. as well as the staff from the clinic are also very friendly and intimate...love it 🥰🫰🏻Thank You...
Siti FatimaSiti Fatima
03:43 17 Jun 23
Very good service and really friendly clinic assistant & doctor staff. Highly recommended for upt tests or baby scans! 🥰 Monthly pn mur mur.
Dr HananDr Hanan
07:33 19 May 23
visited this clinic as a patient (they didn't know i'm a health professional too). the resident is really well knowledge, good attitude, explained to me about the illnesses and treatment, friendly. their medications are top tier with affordable consultation fee compared to other clinic. the clinic is spacious, comfortable and kids friendly. i see they offer lots of other services such as antenatal check up (female doctor), medical check up and other laboratory services. highly recommended.
fadhzillah ashraffadhzillah ashraf
08:17 30 Apr 23
Nice clinic! Doctor sabrina is a very nice doctor.. she gave jab to my daughter and explained everything in details to me and husband.. she examined our daughter so friendly! Price also very affordable, and will recommend my friends to come here
Fast and professional service from the staff. Doctor was very gentle for my influenza test. Will come back again for the influenza shot 🤩👍🏻
Nur ABNur AB
01:40 21 Apr 23
Recommended! Dr Shabrina is great. She has been very attentive to my health issues and explain everything in details. Will come again to this clinic.
00:14 21 Apr 23
New clinic in town. Big spacious clinic, friendly staff and very professional service by Dr Shabrina. Get your local Dr's consult from this clinic. Recommended !

Treatment for PCOS

Since there is currently no cure for PCOS, treatment focuses on managing the various symptoms and potential long-term health risks. There are proven medications that our doctors can recommend to better manage your condition.

Hormonal Birth Control: Birth control pills containing both oestrogen and progestin are commonly prescribed to regulate periods, reduce androgen levels, and improve acne.

Metformin: This medication typically used for type 2 diabetes can also be helpful for women with PCOS by improving insulin sensitivity and potentially regulating ovulation.

Anti-Androgen Medications: Medications like spironolactone can block the effects of androgens, helping to manage symptoms like excess hair growth and acne.

Fertility Medications: If you’re trying to conceive, medications like clomiphene citrate (Clomid) can stimulate ovulation.

The effectiveness of each medication varies from person to person. During your consultation, our doctors can find the option best suited for you.

Long-Term Health Risks

There’s also the long-term health risk to consider when seeking treatment for PCOS. PCOS can increase your risk of developing several chronic health conditions down the line. Here’s a closer look at some of the most concerning ones:

Insulin resistance, a common feature of PCOS, disrupts how your body uses insulin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar. This can eventually lead to type 2 diabetes, where your body struggles to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

The combination of insulin resistance, high blood pressure, and abnormal cholesterol levels often seen in PCOS creates a perfect storm for an increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

The imbalanced hormones in PCOS can sometimes cause the lining of the uterus (endometrium) to thicken abnormally. This increases the risk of developing endometrial cancer, although the overall risk remains relatively low.

Women with PCOS are also more prone to sleep apnea, a condition where breathing repeatedly stops and starts during sleep. This can lead to daytime fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and an increased risk of other health problems.

When to Check for PCOS

PCOS can be diagnosed at any age after puberty, but it’s often identified during the late teens or early adulthood when symptoms become noticeable. If you’re experiencing symptoms such as irregular menstrual cycles, excess hair growth, acne, or difficulty conceiving, it may be a good idea to talk to one of our doctors about the possibility of PCOS.

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Why Choose Us For Your PCOS Problems?

  • Experience in Women’s Health: As a women’s clinic led by a female doctor, we specialise in empowering women’s health. Our team of experienced and compassionate professionals will guide you through your PCOS treatment journey.
  • Privacy and Comfort: We prioritise your comfort and privacy during all women’s healthcare services. We will understand if you need utmost discretion.
  • Proactive Family Planning: If you are seeking help with PCOS to start a family, we can take your goals into account and guide you through your future pregnancy.


The exact cause of PCOS is not fully understood, but it is believed to involve a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Hormonal imbalances, particularly elevated levels of androgens and insulin resistance, play a significant role in its development.

There is no single test for PCOS. Diagnosis is typically based on a combination of your medical history, a physical exam, and blood tests.

No, there aren’t distinct types of PCOS. However, the way it presents itself can vary depending on the individual. Some women may experience mostly hormonal symptoms, while others may struggle more with weight management or fertility issues.

PCOS is a chronic condition that typically does not go away on its own. However, symptoms can vary over time, and some women may experience periods of remission or improvement, especially with lifestyle changes and treatment.

PCOS can make it difficult to get pregnant because it can disrupt ovulation. However, many women with PCOS are able to conceive with the help of medication or fertility treatments.

Women with PCOS may have a slightly higher risk of certain pregnancy complications, such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and preterm birth. However, with proper prenatal care and management, most women with PCOS can have healthy pregnancies.

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If you suspect you may have PCOS, or have been diagnosed and are looking for support, contact Klinik Casabrina today to schedule an appointment. Visit us at Senawang, Seremban, we’re here to help you feel your best.

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