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Women and Children's Health

Sakit Puan Klinik Casabrina Senawang

Find expert gynecological care tailored to women’s health needs, from routine screenings like Pap smears to specialised maternity care. We want to make women feel heard about their biological and health concerns.

Menstrual Problems Klinik Casabrina Senawang

We understand the impact that menstrual issues can have on both physical and emotional well-being. Our experienced healthcare professionals at Klinik Casabrina offer a supportive  approach to manage your menstrual concerns, from irregular cycles to more complex issues.

Consultation between Doctor and patient

If you’re thinking of starting a family, get advanced fertility assessments and personalised treatment plans to support your individual or couple journey to parenthood, offering our compassionate care and tailored solutions.

Antenatal checkup in Clinic Casabrina, Senawang

With our comprehensive family planning services, we offer a range of contraceptive options, like birth control pills and IUDs. Get personalised counselling to help you make informed decisions about your reproductive health and future.

Klinik Ibu Mengandung Senawang

Pregnancy is a remarkable journey, and at Clinic Casabrina, we are committed to ensuring that every step of this journey is a healthy and joyful one. For every expectant mother, we prenatal checkups, antenatal classes and more.

clinic for Antenatal checkup In Senawang

Our specialised antenatal check-ups focus on monitoring you and your baby’s health during pregnancy. We provide ample guidance, and support to ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery, no surprises here.

nipt nicc prenatal screening blood test

NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing) is a safe and non-invasive screening test during pregnancy, involving a simple blood draw from the mother. Learn about the possible risks and genetic diseases so you can be prepared for your baby.

Klinik Ibu Mengandung Senawang

Want a look into your baby’s world? Get our advanced ultrasound imaging services for  detailed insights into your baby’s development and well-being. Learn their gender, or get a glimpse of their face. Let Klinik Casabrina bring these moments to life in stunning high-definition.

fe ngo bvx3G7RkOts unsplash

Get advanced scans provide detailed three-dimensional and real-time four-dimensional images, respectively, allowing you to see your baby’s features and movements in greater detail.

Exceptional Pediatric Care Senawang

Get specialised pediatric healthcare for your little one with Klinik Casabrina. Our child-friendly facilities and family-oriented service will make sure that kids can get safe and comfortable care, while parents are kept infoormed and reassured.

cost Nebulizer and Cough Relief for Babies

Babies are often vulnerable to respiratory infections, coughs, and colds, which can be distressing for both the child and the parents. Our nebuliser and cough relief services may be essential.

General Practice

Close up of the patient and the doctor

Our general consultation services is designed to cater to your unique health needs, ensuring that you receive expert medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment. Whether you’re dealing with a minor ailment, seeking preventive care, or managing chronic conditions, we’re here to help.

Health Screening And Medical Checkup in Senawang

Our comprehensive health assessments, tailored to individual needs, offer early detection of health issues and promoting preventive care strategies for long-term wellness. We want you to make informed decisions about your lifestyle and medical care.

Consultation between Doctor and patient

Whether you are an employer committed to the well-being of your workforce or a student seeking to excel academically, our comprehensive health examinations are designed to empower your journey. We prioritise your health so that you can focus on your aspirations with confidence.

KKM Vaccinations Senawang at Clinic Casabrina ​mala

Our Mandatory KKM Vaccination services are a cornerstone of our dedication to public health. These vaccinations, mandated by the Ministry of Health  (KKM), are vital for preventing the spread of infectious diseases and ensuring the health and safety of individuals of all ages. 

Travel vaccines Senawang

Embarking on exciting journeys around the world is a thrilling prospect, but it’s important to prioritize your health while you travel. Our travel vaccines services are designed to make sure you can adventure with confidence, knowing you have the necessary immunizations to safeguard your health. 

Additional Vaccinations in Senawang

Additional Vaccinations

Go beyond mandatory and routine vaccines for the best preventative action. We provide you with additional options depending on your vocation or lifestyle, with comprehensive protection against a wide range of preventable diseases.

menstrual problems Klinik Casabrina Senawang

Get personalised weight management programs tailored to your individual needs and goals. With our expert consultation, learn how your weight affects your health and get dietary guidance, lifestyle modifications, and ongoing support for your weight loss goals and improved health.

teatment of minor wound in Senawangt

Wounds are an inevitable part of life, ranging from minor cuts and scrapes to more significant injuries. Proper wound care can prevent complications, promote healing, and ensure your well-being.

Consultation with patient

Get confidential screenings for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Klinik Casabrina offers a range of comprehensive tests, diagnosis, and treatment options to your protect sexual health, prevent transmission, and promote overall well-being.