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Pregnancy is a remarkable journey, and at Klinik Casabrina in Senawang, we are committed to ensuring that every step of this journey is a healthy and joyful one.

Our Antenatal Checkup services are designed to provide expectant mothers with the finest prenatal care, guidance, and support. We believe that a well-monitored pregnancy not only leads to the well-being of the mother but also plays a vital role in the development and health of the unborn child.

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Antenatal checkup in Clinic Casabrina, Senawang

Why is Antenatal checkup important for pregnant mothers

Antenatal checkups, often referred to as prenatal or pregnancy checkups, are a series of medical appointments scheduled during pregnancy. These checkups are essential for several reasons:

  • Monitoring Pregnancy Progress: Antenatal checkups allow healthcare providers to monitor the progression of your pregnancy, ensuring it is proceeding as expected.
  • Detecting and Managing Issues: Regular checkups enable the early detection and management of pregnancy-related complications, ensuring the best possible outcome for both mother and baby.
  • Providing Support and Education: Antenatal visits offer expectant mothers valuable information and support, empowering them to make informed decisions about their health and the health of their baby.


Types of Antenatal checkup At Klinik Casabrina

Initial Consultation

A comprehensive evaluation of your health and medical history to establish a baseline for your pregnancy.

Routine Checkups

Scheduled appointments throughout pregnancy to monitor vital signs, fetal growth, and overall health.

Ultrasound Scans

 These non-invasive imaging tests allow for visualizing the fetus and monitoring its development.

Blood Tests

Various blood tests are conducted to assess blood type, screen for genetic disorders, and check for infections.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

 Essential for detecting and managing conditions like preeclampsia.

Glucose Tolerance Test (MGTT)

To screen for gestational diabetes.

Benefits of Antenatal checkup

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Monitoring Fetal Health

Regular checkups allow for the continuous monitoring of your baby's growth and well-being.

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Early Problem Detection

Early detection and management of any complications or issues that may arise during pregnancy.

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Educational Support

Access to essential information and guidance to promote a healthy pregnancy and childbirth experience.

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Emotional Support

Antenatal care provides emotional support and reassurance during this significant life event.

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Healthy Pregnancy

Antenatal care contributes to a healthier pregnancy, reducing the risk of complications and ensuring a positive outcome for both mother and baby.

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Our Happy Customers Reviews

Good services provided by the staff and doctor Shabrina. The first time I came as a patient, but I've been to this clinic 3 times, bringing other people who were sick. Thanks doc for the advice and consultation.
Ellne AteaEllne Atea
03:09 03 Mar 24
Jannanee NaiduJannanee Naidu
02:31 03 Mar 24
Adnan YahoAdnan Yaho
11:07 02 Mar 24
the best service like anywhere else...try it guys
yuliani osmanyuliani osman
10:43 02 Mar 24
Friendly staff.. The ambiance is also very attractive
nea sayangnea sayang
05:07 17 Feb 24
im a single mother and to be mommy soon , its so nice to have such an understanding doctor and very professional they respect your situation and very kind :)) the clinic very comfy and so private you can feel you just made a check up at home 🥹❤️
Muzdalifah Mustafa -Muzdalifah Mustafa -
10:30 27 Dec 23
Cozy clinik, friendly asisstant and nice doctor.. toilet very clean!!!
Bella AzmiBella Azmi
07:28 26 Dec 23
I been here for ovarian cyst problem, lead and advice by great Dr Sabrina. Love the condition of the clinic and helpful staff. Recommend!!
fara rahimfara rahim
06:28 08 Dec 23
Great service, even my first time here. Suggested by a friend. Very cosy, clean and spacious clinic. Thank you for your asistant. Doc & staff very friendly. Cannot wait for next appointment 😊
Cap HafizCap Hafiz
01:58 18 Sep 23
Thank you, Dr. Shabrina and team. I had a great experience here. The price is very affordable for a great consultation and a referral letter.She is very attentive and checked my eyes thoroughly, and I feel so satisfied with her explanation regarding my eye condition. The clinic is spacious, clean, and not crowded either. Overall, excellent and pleasant experience. 👍🏻
Adnan AbbasAdnan Abbas
12:10 25 Aug 23
At first, I really wanted to go to this clinic because I was new..but then I tried to walk in..just entered the was really comfortable..and it didn't look crowded..simple and just nice..and when I brought my wife in for a scan pregnant..the system looks sophisticated..the doctor and staff are friendly..xsmong..highly recommend this clinic..
Nur Farah NabilahNur Farah Nabilah
10:47 04 Aug 23
very comfortable clinic. the explanation from the doctor was also very detailed when going for a scan. the doc is also very friendly and makes us comfortable & explains very detailed, especially for first moms who don't have much knowledge 😍 btw really recommended + affordable price !!!
Zulaikha Anis FadilZulaikha Anis Fadil
08:52 02 Jul 23
Gonna be my fav clinic! Really recommended, family friendly. There is a reading room, play room, doctor Sabrina & Shira's staff are also friendly. Explanation Dr is very clear. Hopefully my baby Hannah Dahlia will be given good health and recovery ❤️
Dila BorhanDila Borhan
08:52 28 Jun 23
Alhamdulillah happy business and Dr. as well as the staff from the clinic are also very friendly and it 🥰🫰🏻Thank You...
Siti FatimaSiti Fatima
03:43 17 Jun 23
Very good service and really friendly clinic assistant & doctor staff. Highly recommended for upt tests or baby scans! 🥰 Monthly pn mur mur.
Dr HananDr Hanan
07:33 19 May 23
visited this clinic as a patient (they didn't know i'm a health professional too). the resident is really well knowledge, good attitude, explained to me about the illnesses and treatment, friendly. their medications are top tier with affordable consultation fee compared to other clinic. the clinic is spacious, comfortable and kids friendly. i see they offer lots of other services such as antenatal check up (female doctor), medical check up and other laboratory services. highly recommended.
fadhzillah ashraffadhzillah ashraf
08:17 30 Apr 23
Nice clinic! Doctor sabrina is a very nice doctor.. she gave jab to my daughter and explained everything in details to me and husband.. she examined our daughter so friendly! Price also very affordable, and will recommend my friends to come here
Fast and professional service from the staff. Doctor was very gentle for my influenza test. Will come back again for the influenza shot 🤩👍🏻
Nur ABNur AB
01:40 21 Apr 23
Recommended! Dr Shabrina is great. She has been very attentive to my health issues and explain everything in details. Will come again to this clinic.
00:14 21 Apr 23
New clinic in town. Big spacious clinic, friendly staff and very professional service by Dr Shabrina. Get your local Dr's consult from this clinic. Recommended !

Our Process

Initial Appointment

Your first visit typically occurs early in pregnancy. It involves a thorough medical history review, physical examination, and discussions about prenatal care

Regular Checkups

These appointments occur approximately once a month in the first two trimesters and more frequently in the third trimester. They include measurements of blood pressure, weight, and urine analysis, as well as discussions about any concerns or symptoms.

Ultrasound Scans

Scheduled at specific points during pregnancy to assess fetal development and ensure everything is progressing as expected.

Specialized Tests

Depending on individual risk factors or medical history, additional tests and screenings may be recommended.

Antenatal Clinic Casabrina Senawang

Why Choose klinik Casabrina

  • Expert Care: Our team of experienced healthcare professionals specializes in antenatal care, ensuring you receive expert guidance throughout your pregnancy.
  • Comprehensive Services: We offer a full range of antenatal services under one roof, making it convenient for you to access all necessary care.
  • Supportive Environment: We understand the emotional aspects of pregnancy and provide a compassionate and supportive environment for expectant mothers.
  • Advanced Technology: Clinic Casabrina Senawang is equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology, including ultrasound machines, to ensure accurate assessments.

FAQs on Antenatal check-ups

Antenatal visits are typically more frequent than just four times during pregnancy. Standard schedules include monthly visits during the first two trimesters, bi-weekly visits during the third trimester, and weekly visits as the due date approaches.

Antenatal checkups usually include monitoring vital signs (blood pressure, weight), urine analysis, discussions about symptoms and concerns, fetal growth assessment, and various tests such as blood tests and ultrasounds.

The number of antenatal visits can vary but is typically around 12 to 14 visits during a healthy pregnancy. However, high-risk pregnancies may require more frequent visits.

Antenatal checkups should ideally start as soon as you confirm your pregnancy, which is typically around 8 weeks after your last menstrual period (LMP).

Antenatal visit schedules may vary, but a common schedule includes monthly visits during weeks 8-28, bi-weekly visits from weeks 28-36, and weekly visits from week 36 until delivery. Additional visits may be necessary if complications or specific medical conditions arise.

Antenatal checkup Clinic Casabrina in Senawang

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Scheduling an appointment for your antenatal checkup is easy. Contact our friendly staff via phone or email to book your consultation. We strive to accommodate your schedule and ensure timely care.

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